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Alt For Norge International format Culture Shock picked up by SVT

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Alt For Norge S01 scores record ratings for TVNorge

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The Oxymorons win 2008 Brain Station format competition


The Oxymorons Writing Partnership is a two-man team focusing upon the norwegian film and television market.  We have nearly 10 years of experience working with both TV networks and production companies in Norway.

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(excerpt from Flight of the Eunuchs)


Stay calm, Adrian.  They`re our wives.  We have to face them.

Adrian looks at Phillip in wide-eyed amazement.


That’s a brilliant idea. You can calmly explain to Katherine how you

turned five generations of priceless family heirlooms into a Chevy

El Camino and a bolf course.  Meanwhile, I’ll be calmly bleeding from

every orifice as Minnie kicks my fucking head in. Now start the car.


- Feature Film

- Sitcom/Drama

- Script Doctoring

- Project Consulting

- Format Development


A professional script delivered on time and in proper format.